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The Samsung Air Conditioning Services Guide Page is designed to allow Samsung Smart Air Conditioning Systems users to access key information, learning about the Samsung Smart Series or providing you with useful tips across all Samsung Air Conditioners.

 Smart Air Conditioning



Samsung Smart Air Conditioning Systems deliver countless benefits which include: 


1. British Allergy Foundation 

Samsungs Smart air conditioning range has received the Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation with its effectiveness in reduction of airbone dust mite allergens, animal allergens and mould spores. If you suffer from allergies you need to consider installing Samsung's Air Conditioning Systems.


2. Maximus Inverter Split System

Samsung's Maximus inverter split systems feature offers the new and innovative D'Light Mode*, along with refined air purification and directional airflows. Finally air conditioning systems that allow users to condition their workplace to their exact needs. 


3. Max Plus Inverter Split System 

Samsung's Max Plus inverter split system provides 'year round comfort' across both summer and winter months, while offering great air quality. This split system air conditioning system is perfectly suited for the hot and cold Queensland weather. 


4. Smart Wi-Fi enbaled Control 

With Samsung smart air conditioning systems, users can connect to their air conditioning system from virtually anywhere, at any time. 

Samsung Communications Centre is a statewide Air Conditioning Systems specialist, offering air conditioning systems and air conditioning installation service and advice throughout Queensland. Our head office is located in Brisbane, Queensland. 


5. 10 Year Compressor Parts Warranty 

The Samsung Smart Series II Air Conditioner comes with 5 year warranty on all parts and labour, plus an extra 5 year parts only warranty for the unit compressor. For reliability and quality in air conditioning systems you be assured of excellence in our air conditioning services as well as enjoy the Samsung 10 year compressor parts warranty.


* What is D'Light Cool Mode? Samsung Air Conditioning Temp Control

The comfort level in your workplace is not only a function of temperature. Humidity levels in your office room can also make you feel uncomfortable even at your desired temperature. The D'Light Cool Mode measures both temperature and humidity in your office room, making your working environment even better. 



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