Wireless Enterprise Network and Wireless Access Points - Plan The Wireless Range That You Want Covered

When Setting up a Wireless Enterprise Network and Wireless Access Points You Need to Plan The Wireless Coverage Range

You will need to have finalised your layout and floor plan to determine the range that is needed to enable reliable connectivity to your employees and any associated wireless devices. Remember to include areas such as conference rooms, lunch rooms, breakout areas, private offices and the like as these are often overlooked when designing your wireless layout. Bear in mind that hallways and walkways also need coverage and you should ensure that there are no missing gaps in your wireless coverage. If a user is moving from an office to another area n your premises such as a boardroom whilst accessing their mobile device, they should not lose connectivity whilst in transit because of poor wireless signals and coverage.

Remember just because you have coverage does not necessarily mean that you will have good coverage. This also depends on the number of users trying to access this wireless access point at the one time. If the density of usage becomes an issue you will need to consider more wireless access points to accommodate this.

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