VoIP Provider

 Samsung Communications Centre is a leading VoIP Provider 

What is VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest communications technology that provides users cost-effective communications tool to reduce their business costs by using convergent voice and data network. VoIP Solutions allows you to save on your telephone accounts; and provide productivity and flexibility. 

Samsung Communications Centre is one of Australia's best VoIP providers that delivers efficient communications tool for new age businesses with extraordinary flexibility options for advanced connectivity and greater business performance.

Designed to make your business more productive, Samsung Communications Centre's VoIP Solutions include: 

Advantages of VoIP

The advantages of VoIP Solutions are countless and over 9,000 of our clients are enjoying many benefits of: 

  • High quality unified communication with a single infrastructure 
  • Reduced phone bills and business communication costs 
  • Advanced communication tool and cutting-edge features
  • Cost-effective and flexible communication structure 
  • Remote and multi-site capability
  • Mobility options
  • Varied range of IP, Digital and Samsung Multimedia Telephone (SMT) handsets
  • Movability of existing traditional telephone lines to VoIP

Samsung Communications Centre's fully accredited, skilled and trained VoIP technicians provide customised VoIP Phones and VoIP Solutions for various business types and sizes. As an Australian leading VoIP provider, we can replace traditional phone circuits and help businesses to transfer to a new or existing IP connections.


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