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Samsung Communication Centre is leading the way as a VoIP provider in Australia - with our extensive VoIP phones telephone handset range, communication is easier and cheaper. Samsung VoIP, IP and digital business telephone systems and handsets allow users to make calls over IP networks that saves you a lot of funds.

They come in varying forms including IP phones, IP softphones, IP smartphones, IP USB hardphones and IP wireless phones; each with their own benefits. Calls can be made over the internet or a private IP connection within a company. 

We provide ranges of Samsung VoIP office phone handsets and smartphones that offer users an unrivalled level of advanced features and functional flexibility and which also see Samsung recognised as one of the leading VoIP providers within Australia.

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We are a nation wide VoIP and IP Business Telephone Systems Provider, providing the right communications solutions for your business now, and as you grow.

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Samsung Communication Centre is a leading VoIP provider in Brisbane and Sydney.Contats us for VOIP phones or for a VoIP Provider Brisbane