Telstra Business System

Samsung Telstra Business System

Telstra Business System [TBS]

If you are looking to invest in or upgrade your business phone system, a business phone system package from Telstra can help you take advantage of the latest technologies, achieve exceptional value for money and qualify for monthly rebates on your Telstra bill.
Samsung Communications Centre/BTC as a Telstra Business Systems Solution and Services Partner is able to sell these Telstra packages with Samsung phone systems.
Tailoring a package to meet your business communication needs is easy with Telstra. Not only is it easy, but by choosing a Telstra Business Phone Systems solution, you can rest assured that you are using Australia's premier communications network via a new fully featured business telephone system.
The TBS package includes:
  • A new Telstra business phone system from our comprehensive range.
  • Receive up to 14% monthly rebate to help offset the cost of your new Telstra Business phone system.
  • Expert advice and local support from your Telstra dealer, who will work with you to understand your business needs.
  • Flexible payment options including the ability to finance a new Telstra phone system with no upfront fees.
  • A Single Bill from Telstra for all your calls, phone system finance payments and package add-one such as maintenance.
  • A single point of contact and accountability for all your after-sales service.
  • Combine your Telstra system with your mobile fleet and enjoy FREE call from your land line to your mobiles. 

Call Plans

No matter what your business needs, Telstra can help you do business cost effectively with a wide range of competitive call plans.
When you sign up for a Telstra Business Systems complete communications solution you’ll be eligible to receive a monthly rebate of 12% for a 3 year term, 14% for a 4 year term or 16% for a 5 year term off eligible calls on your chosen plan.
The monthly rebate depends on the plan you choose and can be used to offset the cost of your new office phone system. 

Complete Business Communications Solution

 Samsung are a Telstra dealer
Whatever the size and requirements of your organisation, a Telstra Business Systems package can help you reshape the way you do business by providing one simple communications package to meet all of your telephony needs.
What’s included with your Telstra Business Systems (TBS) package?
  • A new business phone system – chosen from our comprehensive range, including the latest application rich IP PBX and handsets.
  • 24/7 single point of contact help desk.
  • Expert advice, design, installation and local support from your Telstra TBS Dealer.
  • Flexible payment options – including the ability to apply for finance and get a new Telstra phone system with no upfront fees.
  • Receive a single bill from Telstra for all your calls, telephony system financing, management and support. 


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