Samsung WLAN Wireless Enterprise Manager

  Samsung WLAN Wireless Enterprise Manager

Samsung Smart WLAN Enterprise Manager Australia

The Samsung WLAN Manager (WEM) monitors wireless access points (WAPs) and wireless access point controllers (WAPCs), ensuring that users get the best network capabilities out of their products. It provides an efficient wireless infrastructure management tool including the AP connection port control for AP failure or remote AP reboot through its integrated user interface. 

  • Enhanced Visibility 
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Efficient Infrastructure
  • Remote Support 
 Key Features of the WLAN Wireless Enterprise Manager

1. Wired/Wireless Integrated Management

The Samsung Wireless LAN Enterprise Manager supports the management of the Samsung L2 switch that the access point is connected to, as well as access point and access point controller. It provides an efficient wireless infrastructure management tool by incorporating the Samsung L2 switch management function, including the access point connection port control for access point failure or remote access point reboot through its integrated user interface. In addition, the remote management function enables administrators to rapidly respond to issues using the smartphone fault monitoring and fault notification app. 

2. Remote Management Using Smartphones

Users can use their smartphones to remotely control the wireless network anytime, anywhere and quickly respond to any issues with easy and clear identification of Critical/Major/Minor alarm status. If a fault occurs, the related information and a linkable URL are sent to a specific device via SMS, the recipient can then check the status and troubleshoot in real time.

Samsung Smart WLAN Solution AustraliaAdvantages of Samsung WLAN Enterprise

 Samsung Smart WLAN Solution

Efficiently manage overburdened networks with greater coverage and an optimised user experience with less interference.


 Samsung Wireless LAN Enterprise Key Benefits

Discover about the key benefits of the Samsung WLAN Enterprise solution and learn how you can gain the most of Samsung's leading technology.



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