Samsung WLAN Controller for your Wireless Enterprise

  Samsung WLAN Controllers - Wireless Enterprise

WLAN Controller for wireless access points and a wireless enterpriseWLAN controller for wireless access points and a wireless enterprise solution

Wireless Enterprise WLAN Controller WEC8500

The Samsung Wireless Access Point Controller WEC8500 is specifically designed for mission-critical wireless networking in mid-sized to large enterprises. By applying LTE technology, this is able to manage up to 500 wireless access points, 10,000 client devices with 20Gbps date plane, offering a fast and reliable network. 

SME WLAN Controller WEC8050

Specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses, the Samsung Wireless Access Point Controller WEC8050 has the same enterprise, cutting-edge functionality as the WEC8500 model and can manage up to 75 wireless access points and 1,500 client devices simultaneously.


  Key Features of the Wireless Enterprise WLAN Controller 

 1. Powerful Platform

The Samsung WLAN Controllers' innovative architecture guarantees fast network connection and minimal downtime. Such powerful platform, integrated with AirMove technology, makes the Samsung WLAN Controllers ideally suited for all wireless environments. 

2. Cost Effective Operation

Cost effective operation with an existing enterprise network environment by providing support for L3 routing, stateful firewall, RF spectrum analysis and system redundancy. 

3. Reliable and Scalable Platform

The Samsung WLAN controllers offer highly reliable and scalable platform with a management capacity of up to 500 access points. The controllers are ready, optimised to ensure that users benefit from reliable connectivity. 

Smart WLAN Solution Australia and wireless access pointsKey benefits of Samsung WLAN Enterprise and wireless access points

Samsung Smart WLAN Solution

Efficiently manage overburdened networks with greater coverage and an optimised user experience with less interference. 


Samsung WLAN Enterprise Key Benefits

Discover about the key benefits of the Samsung WLAN Enterprise solution and learn how you can gain the most of Samsung's leading technology.



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