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   OfficeServ Easyset

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OfficeServ Easyset is an easy to use, web-based application that allows you to configure an OfficeServ handset to your preferred setting at the click of a mouse.

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With OfficeServ Easyset, users do not need to learn complex system codes that are traditionally used to perform these functions.

Key features

  • Program OfficeServ handset buttons
  • Modify OfficeServ handset name and password
  • Change call forwarding, speed dials and do not disturb
  • Change volume settings, time and date format
  • View call history and set absence messages visible to OfficeServ Operator users

Work smarter and more productively

  • Empower each user to take command of their communications
  • Make simple programming changes without the expense of calling a service technician
  • Send text messages to other users - especially effective when a colleague is unreachable by phone



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