It is not surprising that in tough economic times retailers are looking to protect their hard earned profits by minimising theft and other criminal activity such as shoplifting and employee theft. Luckily, technology has come to the rescue and retailers can now take advantage of CCTV surveillance systems which offer a level of performance and value that would not have been imaginable in the past. Samsung retail security solution provides retailers with a fully scalable solution for any sized premises from large superstores to small newsagents and budget. 

 Having your security system monitored is the key to keeping your home and business safe and secure from unwanted visitors. Monitoring of your security system is a service Samsung Communications Centre provides its customers at one of the lowest rates available. In comparison to the expense of hiring security personnel, it is very cost effective. 

If you are thinking about installing a new CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), then you have to decide between an Analogue and IP camera. Understanding how the technologies work and the differences between Analogue and IP cameras will help you make the right choice. 

 Samsung security smartphone app iPOLiS gives you a completely new level of freedom and power of managing security by monitoring your store from anywhere and at anytime.

The app allows you to view live video footage while being able to control pan/tilt/zoom all from the comfort of your own smartphone. These precise functions and controls broadcasted from Samsung CCTV cameras allow you to have control and security from anywhere and at anytime 24/7.

 Hotels have not always been known for their use of cutting edge technologies. While many business travelers and even yourself may have experienced a night of despair with super slow Wi-Fi or an antique TV which never seems to have the channels you are interested in.

 At Samsung Communications Centre, we are proud of our reputation as one of the Australia's leading business telephone systems providers. Samsung's VoIP range is specifically designed for business users, making businesses more efficient, collaborative and agile. 

 In today's world, security is an increasing priority for schools. There are real and potential treats for students, teachers and material assets. CCTV has become increasingly popular for schools and education facilities. Samsung Communications Centre is at the forefront of providing solutions that enhance security and improve education experience.

 Security systems play an important role in today’s world from public streets to shopping centres and train stations, cameras are everywhere we look. Now, a complete 24hr surveillance solution integrated with CCTV cameras and Facial Recognition is finally here. 

 Many businesses are still using old telecommunications systems that run on regular copper dial in telephone lines. This can have some dramatic effects on their efficiency, especially in a company with inbound or internal calls at their core.

With technology moving forward, Samsung has specially designed business telephone systems with VoIP capabilities and advanced software to increase productivity throughout any business.

 Imagine being able to set up a whole CCTV IP security system in less than 1 minute, with Samsung Zero Configuration this is now possible. 

At the IFSEC International 2014 Samsung Techwin showcased their new features and functions of the latest z generation of WiseNetIII IP video surveillance including ero configuration.  Samsung don’t take bold statements lightly, yet the new zero configuration could go as far as to change the face of CCTV IP technology.