What to Consider When Setting Up a Samsung VOIP Phone System

Introducing VOIP as a Business Telephone System

Digital telephone systems are rapidly being adopted by businesses across the world as a more cost effective and faster method to transmit data and voice. VOIP Business Telephone Systems allow you to share information over IP networks and provide easy and cheap options for connectivity and communications within the business environment.
Samsung Communications Centre provides a huge variety of IP based business telephone systems, including IP phones and VoIP phones to facilitate industry communications.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is leading the way in today's business world as the preferred platform for communication because its technology offers business communities a cost effective option to increase productivity and flexibility in the workplace whilst allowing you to save on your phone bills.
Samsung VoIP phones lead the industry in quality and clarity and all business communications can be transmitted using a better and more cost effective solution . Samsung’s multimedia Business Telephone Systems Series (SMT) office telephone handsets provide evolved Unified communication (US) collaboration points.

What to consider when implementing a VOIP Phone System

Before deploying VoIP phones in your workplace, there are some things that need to be considered. The transition from ta ypical phone service to voice over IP (VoIP) requires adequate bandwidth, switch and battery backup solution. an effective router, backup / redundancy plan for power outages.
Some considerations when moving to Voice over IP are: 
  • Bandwidth - assess how much bandwidth is required for VoIP for your workplace.
  • Router - determine the quality and capacity of your router.
  • VoIP equipment - there are numerous desktop digital telephones, softphones, headsets and mobile adapters available on the market to consider when implementing a VOIP System and Samsung Communications Centre offers a huge range of business grade VOIP phone handsets to choose from.
  • Power outages - you need to consider a redundancy / fail over plan for times when you experience power outages. Voice over IP no longer works when the power is off, so you need a quick and efficient backup solution to cater for such outages.

Advantages Of VOIP

Some advantages of VoIP business telephone systems solutions include:
  • High-grade unified communications 
  • Reduce telecommunications costs
  • Advanced communication tools
  • Flexible rate structure
  • Extensive reach for business connectivity
  • Mobility
  • A huge range of IP, Digital and Samsung Multimedia mobile (SMT) handsets
  • Portability of current phone lines to VoIP

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