VoIP only gets better with a new Samsung Wireless Desk Phone

In the corporate world today, the push for businesses to become a wireless enterprise is just getting larger and stronger by the minute. As such, Samsung is pleased to announce the release of two new wireless telephone handsets to support this market. As a leading VoIP Provider, Samsung knows what a business needs to ensure that it stays connected and utilises the best that technology can offer.

Keeping on top of technology is a strength of Samsung's, having proved this time and time again in the worldwide technology marketplace. As such, we are pleased to introduce our new VoIP Wi-Fi connected wireless telephone handset range. Now you can effortlessly interact between your Smartphone and your desk phone and provide flexibility and great usability to connect all of your business communication activities.

These days, being a successful business enterprise also means being a successful wireless enterprise. Wireless technology offers many business advantages, but equating what business value a wireless enterprise can offer can sometimes be complicated. Of course, reducing costs and saving on the bottom line is one very important aspect, but value should also be measured in other ways to determine a true Return On Investment (ROI).

Samsung Release New VoIP Phones To Enable Your Business As A Wireless Enterprise

Other aspects that should be considered when establishing the value of moving to a wireless enterprise are the effects on productivity, efficiencies in the delivery of services, staff job satisfaction and the ability to provide a better customer service. All of which add to the value of moving to a wireless enterprise and some of which can be difficult to measure.

Wireless technologies are critical for all businesses to enable them to operate to their optimum and deliver services most efficiently. The fact is that very few businesses believe that they can survive without wireless technology, and they understand the benefits that operating a wireless enterprise can offer. So despite suffering economic pressures, wireless connectivity and wireless equipment is still an essential part of day to day business operations.

As such, Samsung understands this need and has introduced a new Wireless Desk Phone range which is ultimately designed to fulfill the needs of today's unified communication environments.

These new desk phones are VoIP enabled, wireless and allow users to interwork between their Smartphone and desk phone. There are two new Wi-Fi connected handsets available as follows:

Samsung SMT-i6011 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone


Samsung SMT-i6021 Wi-Fi VoIP Phone


 If you are looking for your business to become a completely
wireless enterprise, then view more on the Samsung Wireless Desk Phone range below:



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