Surveillance Systems for Warehouses & Logistics

Warehouses and logistics facilities that spread out over extensive complexes can be very difficult to secure. As more of warehouses and logistics corporations store a range of valuable items on their facilities, it is vital to implement security and surveillance systems. 

With Samsung's unique surveillance monitoring systems, you can transform your security infrastructure to provide security and peace of mind for your warehouse and logistics operations. By using the industry's leading surveillance system, you can ensure that your surveillance system performs to industry best practices and standards as well as the longevity of product with extremely high reliability rates. 
Samsung Communications Centre combines a number of surveillance products into a fully integrated solution, which allows access by multiple users at the one time. This allows users across your organisation to access a specific area under surveillance whilst another user accesses a different surveillance area. Samsung surveillance system also provides instant surveillance; allowing businesses in this industry to use it for real time face detection, advanced motion detection, defog function, noise detection, fire detection and much more. 
We understand that the perimeter of your site, as well as car parks, entrances and blind spots, also needs to be secured and monitored, and therefore are able to offer a number of surveillance solutions that we can implement to help meet your specific business and premises requirements. 
Samsung warehouse surveillance

Benefits of Warehouse / Logistics Surveillance Solutions

1. Surveillance Cameras for Quality Assurance 
Our surveillance systems integrate the latest progressive scan technology which is designed to eliminate blur when pausing moving images to allow items such as bar codes and number plates to be accurately captured and stored. 
You can rest at ease knowing that all components of our cameras and surveillance systems are quality inspected and performance tested before shipment. This QA process and detailed inspection creates products that remain reliable year after year and into the future of your business without expensive replacement and upgrade costs. 
2. Tough Cameras Meet the Needs of Tough Environment
Samsung Communications Centre understands that not all premises or environments are the same, and some require more tough and robust equipment than others. Our vandalism resistant cameras are specifically designed and built to withstand some of the harshest conditions of an industrial environment. Even some of the toughest conditions can be catered for with our systems. 
3. Monitoring Goods Inwards and Outwards
Some of the latest Samsung surveillance cameras can be activated and turned on with movement, thus saving storage and recording space. An example of this is the opening and closing or a roller door. These cameras feature a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and can be installed in pickup areas, loading bays and etc. They activate when a roller door is opened and tag the event for that specific period of time. This maximises the storage and recording space on the device. 
4. Access Control and Alarm Monitoring
Samsung surveillance cameras are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Every system is created and implemented by professional technicians and our unique combination of product quality, customer service and strong factory support provides a level of customer satisfaction unmatched within the industry. 
Our surveillance systems provide the latest Access Control and Alarm Monitoring Service to provide you with maximum access control over your premises and overall peace of mind. 
Samsung Communications Centre is a trusted security company, providing advanced surveillance solutions to varying businesses in the warehousing, logistics and manufacturing trades. 
For more information on our security cameras, surveillance systems, video analytics, alarm monitoring and access control, contact us on 1300 706 155 or submit an enquiry form