Samsung Smart TV - Voice and Motion Control

[27 August 2013] With countless features available on your Samsung Smart TVs, sometimes it is complicated to fully understand what it means, what it does and most importantly how to use it. 

The new Samsung Smart TV is the future TV that has several revolutoinary compoments to it, which can change the way users interact and control their TV. Among many of its features, the Samsung Smart TV features 'Smart Interaction Technology'. The Smart Interaction Technology is an intuitive platform that uses Voice Control, Motion Control and Face Recognition commands for the TV.

Put simply, the Smart Interaction System allows users to control and search their TV for content using Voice Control, Motion Control and Face Recognition. This Smart Interaction System complements the remote and seeks to provide users greater choice and convenience in how they control their entertainment experience. 

For instance, users can turn on TV on or off, activate selected features or search for information in the web browser simply by speaking in any of the 30 languages that are supported by the Samsung technology, using hand gestures or by simply standing in front of their Smart TV.  


Voice Control

Your voice is all you need to control your Smart TV, navigate features, search for content in the web browser, find your favourite movies, shows and more. Just use natural language and Smart TV does the rest. 


Motion Control

Instead of using your remote, you can simply flic your wrist to zoom in on images, adjust the volume and even navigate menus. With a simple hand gesture, change chnnels and interact with your Samsung Smart TV. 


Face Recognition

Easily log in to your Smart Hub profile by simply standing in front of your Smart TV's built-in camera. The built-in camera recognises your face in the foregroud and gives you instant access to the content it knows you love. 



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