Samsung Remote Working for the Ultimate Location Independence

Samsung Communications Centre has a number of applications that allow a business and its staff to work remotely. Whether the staff members work from home, are travelling or are based in a different city they can connect to the business with a click of a button. 

How does Remote Working improve your business? 

There are many aspects of remote working that can dramatically improve not only business process but also reduce costs, these incude:

  • Location Freedom: Samsung products have always been known for advanced technology, now you can work as if you are at your office desk from any location. Work as a team from anywhere in the world for a smarter business environment.
  • Talking on the Move: As previously mentioned on the Samsung Communications Centre's blog, with Samsung WE VoIP you can turn your mobile phone into a fully functioning business phone. This allows you to talk with your work colleagues and customers from anywhere even when you're on the move or overseas. 
  • Complete Wi-Fi Control: Samsung has products with Wi-Fi capabilities that join both voice and data communication together for a complete control. You can utilise VoIP calls or turn your laptop, smartphone or tablet into a desktop environment when you're away from the office. 

Samsung business mobility

What are the Remote Working applications?

There are several different applications that Samsung provides for remote working, these include: 

Samsung Xchange

This business application is able to bring together presence, voice and instant messaging communications as well as administration functions to allow employees to be more responsive, flexible and efficient as the method of communication can be tailored to the situation. 

Communicator OfficeServ Softphone

The Softphone allows anyone to bring their phone to their laptop, PC or PDA, which is a great solution for mobile workers. The application gives you a full working phone that is connected to your OfficeServ system. 

OfficeServ Call Recording

This fully integrated plug-in module cannot only record calls it can allow for reports and monitoring. With Samsung Call Recording application storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls is just a click away. 


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