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In today's technological world, millions of communications are generated every day by businesses as they liaise, collaborate and interact with their customers, suppliers, internal staff and other stakeholders. In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is critical to ensure that you make a great first impression as it could be the make or break of a business relationship. Therefore, you cannot afford for a call to go unanswered and you should ensure that you have systems in place to guarantee that you answer every incoming call to your business, whether or not there is an actual member of staff available to answer the call in person.
Samsung Messaging Solutions and commuications options
The universally accepted messaging solutions for generating and delivering these types of communications are Fax, Email, SMS and Voice and businesses all over the world rely on the implementation of a stable and reliable messaging solution. The question is..... have your messaging solutions been optimised for your business and customers they serve?

Samsung’s range of OfficeServ Messaging solutions are designed to simplify and strengthen your communications, providing outstanding messaging features to complement the powerful call processing capabilities of the Samsung OfficeServ communications platform.

Some of the great features that Samsung’s OfficeServ Messaging solutions offer to ensure your customer calls are always answered professionally are:

1. Personalised Voicemail

Samsung OfficeServ Voicemail provides advanced call features and puts the you in control. Voice messages can be left when staff are out of the office or unable to answer the call. Unlike other voicemail solutions, Samsung OfficeServ Voicemail allows users to intelligently route callers with different greetings and employing clal routing based on time of day, day of week, caller ID and Direct Dial Inward (DDI). 

Additional OfficeServ Voicemail features: 

  • group messages
  • record important conversations and personal reminders
  • remote access to voice messages
  • change automatic greetings based on time and date
  • forced ringing calls directly to a mailbox
  • screen calls through an answering machine emulation\

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2. Auto Attendant - 24 hour receptionist

The Auto Attendant can answer multiple incoming calls simultaneously, providing different greetings for each extension or department. Auto Attendant can create a contact centre structure within your organisation, allowing you to route calls to individual extensions or groups when required. The Auto Attendant can serve as your company's front line for customers' first point of contact or as a reception overflow during peak periods. 

External callers are prompted by the Auto Attendant to enter their choice of destination without the need for a receptionist to handle the call. Automated Attendant is an ideal solution for busy environments - such as reception areas and customer service centres - or out of hours periods.It can also be customised to reflect the individual nature of your working patterns - e.g. daytime, evening, lunch and holiday periods. 

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3. Email Gateway - Voicemail and Fax Direct to your PC Inbox

Samsung Email Gateway gives users the ultimate tool to access and manage all telephone, fax and email messages directly from their email client, up to five email destinations can be set up to these messages. Whether you're in the office or away from the office, you can receive, respond, date and time stamped then transfer and forwar voice, emails and faxes with ease and efficiency.

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For busy offices that have staff who need to be either away from their desk, within the office or out of the office, Samsung’s Messaging solutions enables the absence of staff, but yet remaining still in reach. Read more on the Samsung OfficeServ Messaging Solution.

Over recent years, we have witnessed an impressive transformation on how messaging middleware has become a core necessity for most businesses. In order to ensure that we cater to all business needs, Samsung has engineered messaging solutions to cater to different business segments.

By introducing a business messaging solution such as the Samsung OfficeServ Messaging System, it will reduce the quantity of missed or abandoned calls and improve the level of customer service that your business provides to its customers and is available 24/7.  The Officeserv Messaging System offers flexible message delivery options that streamline high-volume data transport as well as providing high performance and availability that help maintains high-quality service levels and protects the integrity of the data it recieves.

Samsung Communications Centre Brisbane is a national business phone system provider, providing state of the art communications and messaging solutions to suit your business now, and into the future. You can transform your business through greater professionalism and efficiency by implementing a Samsung OfficeServ communications and messaging platform.

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