OfficeServ 7200 Product of the Month (What to Buy for Business Magazine UK)

OfficeServ 7200 is Samsung Business Communications newly released IP communications system targeted at businesses with 20 to 150 staff.

The OfficServ 7200 all-in-one communications server has a suite of data and voice capabilities. It is preconfigured for converged data communications and includes a fully featured security firewall, intrusion detection / prevention (IDS), policy manager and packet shaper. The IDS monitors network traffic and reports attempted security breaches to the network manager. Voice is always prioitised over data connections.

The power of IP is its location independence. It is the prerequisite of having a virtual enterprise. OfficeServ is a server based system, it can mix TDM with IP depending on business needs. The system can also prioritise task so that voice comes first, internet traffic last. It dynamically manages the bandwidth by packet shaping. This is part of the package and not an additional extra which is exceptional at this price point."
All current handsets and applications software are supported and there is the option to use SIP, H.323, Spnet and signalling. The system is rack mountable and all interfaces are RJ45. The SVMi 20Emodule offers voicemail and auto attendant functionality, while a new 16 - port combination module provides interfaces for a mix of digital and analogue extensions.