Introducing Samsung's New 360° Fisheye Surveillance CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera 5 MP Fisheye Surveillance Camera

Samsung Communications Centre introduces the new 5 megapixel 360° fisheye surveillance camera (SNF-8010). The fisheye camera is a single camera which allows you to record everything with a 360 degree panoramic view. The strength of this camera can reduce the quantity of cameras needed to cover the same surveillance area. Unlike previous CCTV cameras, this new and innovative CCTV surveillance camera has built-in on-camera dewarping software. This allows instant access to single PTZ, quad view and panorama view.

One of the great features of the new fisheye CCTV camera is the 5MP @ 20fps allowing it to capture smoother video at a higher frame rate with true day and night function. When reviewing video you have a multitude of options to choose from. The pan, tilt and zoom features allow you to dewrap the feed into more user friendly CCTV footage configurations. View more on why you should choose CCTV cameras for your business or home.


Built-in dewarping camera footage configurations include:Fisheye CCTV Camera

  • 360 Overview;
  • Double180 Degree Panorama View;
  • Quad View;
  • Overview + 3 Views;and
  • Single View.


With the Overview + 3 Views it provides powerful CCTV camera footage and allows you to view a number of different areas or points of interest within the surveillance camera area simultaneously.  This allows you to have static view frames at various zoom levels so as not to miss any details.
Bi-directional audio allows greater situational awareness for your footage which is significant when considering reliable security and surveillance CCTV camera solutions to suit your specific needs.

The micro-SDXC memory card slot in this new surveillance CCTV camera creates a cost effective videoing and recording solution to maximise your return on investment and keep your security costs reasonable and affordable.

CCTV Camera SNF-8010

 Alarm triggers on this SNF-8010 CCTV camera include:

•    Intelligent motion detection;
•    Audio detection;
•    Tampering detection;
•    Alarm input; and
•    Network disconnection.

Rated to IP66/IK10 (SNF-8010VM), the SNF-8010 CCTV surveillance system is effective in operating in more demanding video surveillance environments that are prone to severe or varying weather conditions as well as tampering or physical attack.

Overall the SNF 8010 CCTV camera is a very reliable and cost effective system when considering your security and surveillance needs as it replaces the need for multiple cameras on surveillance sites and replaces them with one effective CCTV camera solution.

SNF-8010 CCTV Surveillance System Key Features:

•    Max. 5M (2560 x 2048) resolution
•    Various viewing composition, 6 dewarping view mode
•    On board dewarping, Digital PTZ / Bi-directional audio
•    Wide Dynamic Range (Contrast Enhanced), Motion Detection, Audio Detection
•    M12 connector
•    IP66, IK10, EN50155, EN61373 certifications
•    micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot, PoE

For more information on this new and innovative CCTV camera, or for a CCTV surveillance package quote, contact Samsung Communications Centre.