Introducing the New NVR, Tailored to Retail Business

Do you use video surveillance anda DVR Recorder video recording systems within your business?

If so, is the system an IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) Solution? Or does it still use analogue cameras that record to a DVR Recorder (Digital Video Recorder)? IP video surveillance systems have been around for over 10 years and are now the standard surveillance system within the security industry.  

Samsung SRN-472SNVR Video Recording System

The new SRN-472S 4CH NVR Video Recording System with PoE Switch is leading the way in Surveillance Video Recording Systems and can be used to protect the workplace, a commercial store, retail outlet, your customers, and of course, your products and your premises. At Samsung Communications Centre we understand that you need to concentrate on your business and not on how to operate a video surveillance system to protect your business. As such, Samsung has released the new NVR, which is very simple to deploy as it only needs a power source to operate. This recorder has a PoE switch built in to both power the cameras and handle the data streams from the cameras which ultimately enables the user to deploy the camera easily and makes for a very easy installation.  Added PoE ports on this recorder negate the need to have a PoE switch which then reduces the acquisition cost of this device and makes installation a breeze - simply plug it in and you are good to go! No Network knowledge is required as everything is plug and play.

This zero configuration NVR, SRN-472S has been specially designed for retail businesses. It eliminates the need for professionally trained installation staff to come to your premises and install it so no need for hefty installation callout fees, it does not require you to understand computer networks to install it so anyone can install it, and it makes it easy for you to get on with what is important to you - managing and growing your business! 

Recording 4CH in Real Time

Real-time recording for up to a 2 month period of time at full HD quality 4CH ensures that you can store data for weeks at a time and allows for flexibility to search and track data. Should you have the unfortunate incident of a theft in your store and not realise for a few days, or even a week, you will now have peace of mind as you can access the surveillance system and its data to review and track back to determine the potential culprit. On a positive note, you can use this information for business analysis to track movements of customers and see what attracts them to look and buy and what does not. This allows for strategic product placement and marketing.

Remote Viewing

Samsung NVR Remote Viewing Video Recording

The SRN-472S allows live viewing and playback from anywhere - whether on the store PC or your Smartphone or Tablet. So you could be interstate oroverseas and still access the data. Samsung's free of charge software allows remote access to keep you in touch with the store; and the associated activity and movement within the store anytime, anywhere, 24/7!

Display Full HD Images on Local In-Store Monitor

This Video Recording System offers the option of displaying full HD images onto a local monitor by having an "in-store" monitor attached to it. This ultimately provides peace of mind to your customers so that they know that they, and the store, are being protected by a high quality professional surveillance system. It also allows staff to keep a closer eye on potential shoplifters and reduce theft as thieves are less likely to steal if they know they are being monitored and with the in-store monitor accessible to staff they can intervene, if necessary.

Zero Configuration

The SRN-472S offers a built-in PoE switch and zero configuration. It has been specially designed to cater for the retail market and eliminates the need to understand computer network systems or to make investment in additional equipment such as PoE switch. The SRN-472S system simply requires you to plug and play. It's that easy!


Some of the features of SRN-472S are:

  • Up to 34Mbps network camera recording
  • Easy camera installation via dedicated 4 PoE ports
  • Up to 5megapixel IP camera supported 
  • Max 2 internal HDDs (Max 8TB, Over 2-months @2MP)
  • Alarm, MD & VA event recording and search
  • Support Samsung viewers (Smart Viewer, iPOLiS mobile)  

Compatible PoE Network Cameras and Management Software

  • SNF-7010V - 3MP Fisheye Camera
  • SNV-6012M/6013 - 2 MP Compact Dome Camera
  • Smartviewer - local and remote viewing, sequence and favourite view, event search sensor, video loss, motion VA (passing, entering, exiting, disappearing/appearing, tampering, tracking, face detetion and audio detection.
  • iPOLiS mobile app - iPOLIS mobile app lets you to view the live video and control pan/tilt/zoom functions, search & playback anywhere with your smartphone if you use Samsung Security System. iPOLIS mobile is a free application designed specifically for Samsung security network products.  

Samsung Communications Centre is the leading provider of surveillance and DVR recorder video recording systems.Contact Samsung today for a no obligation quote on a DVR Recorder.

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