How to set up a Wireless Enterprise in Schools

Wireless Access Points to Manage a Variety of Gadgets

Modern technological innovations have propelled the world population towards great reliance on the internet and wireless gadgets. This reliance is as a result of networking and researching made easy through the internet. 

In schools, a lot is taught through the use of computers and by accessing the internet, and in addition to that, wireless enabled devices are finding their ways into today's school environment. While it might not always be a positive thing; technology is making most institutions embrace this fact. This is the reason wireless access point is now a very important feature in schools today. In addition to networking, students use wireless to conduct research, undertake assessments, and to perform other school related activities. 
When considering the type of wireless network which would work best in a school, it has been observed that it is quite different from those used in businesses and industries. Here are some things to consider in setting up a school wireless network;

Recognise the wireless network design, requirements and capacity

When setting up a School WLAN enterprise network for use in school, you may need the help of IT professionals to advise on the appropriate wireless network and number of wireless access points to install. This should take into consideration a number of factors, such as, the area of the school, the capacity of the wireless network to be installed (in order to allow students to connect and use the network with their various gadgets), the maintenance needed, network security, etc. By consulting with a professional in this industry it will ensure that the school installs an efficient and adequately performing wireless network.

Installation and Management of Your Wireless Network

The factors that should be considered while setting up a reliable network for a wireless enterprise are:
  • The installation of the wireless network in the school should be done in such a way that ensures efficient management and maintenance.
  • For easier access and control, staff, administrators and students should be configured to use different login passwords into the network.
This will help management to differentiate and control who and what is being done on the network at anytime and also who has access to what information, which allows for better monitoring, security and barring of sites not commendable, not related to their specific studies, virus websites and emails, etc. The installation should also ensure easy access for new school devices through automatic configuration. 

Efficient wireless connection 

Make sure you are subscribed to a network which offers the most efficient outcome for school use, and one which is known to work well for the school environment, through its consistent and reliable performance (faster speeds) and its ability to support an increasing number of devices and users (capacity).  

Make future growth

During installation, be open-minded to future technological advancements, growth in users and additional school devices, and allow room for improvement. The connection should be flexible to allow is to scale with the needs of the school and of potential future technology growth.

Ensure you have a strong security system

You should have strong security settings in order to protect school information. In school settings some networks should not be allowed, so as to avoid hacking.

Create a centralised management system

A central management system is the best way to manage your school wireless system and ensure security. This makes it easy for an IT professional to monitor, detect, identify and deal with security issues as soon as possible.
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