Dome Cameras Vs. Bullet Cameras

At Samsung Communications Centre we have an extensive range of digital and CCTV camera systems. Choosing the right surveillance system for your home, business and school is vital. The main point, which you should keep in mind while choosing  CCTV cameras, is to determine the exact purpose of fitting the camera.

We have an exciting new range of CCTV cameras. WiseNet Lite offers both dome and bullet cameras and have all the latest features. The series is an affordable and compact product line with simple and essential features ideal for securing small to medium sized applications

Once you have determined which areas of your home, business or school require the most surveillance, read the follow information to decide on which CCTV camera best suits that area. We agree that bullet cameras are better for most OUTDOOR applications and dome cameras are better for most INDOOR applications.

Samsung Dome Camera and Bullet Camera


If you are looking for a long-range camera, you’ll probably want to go with a bullet camera. Typically, the longer the lens, the longer the range.


If you are looking for an indoor camera, dome cameras are far more common.  They are less intrusive. Most people agree they are far more elegant and sleek, and will flow more seamlessly with the décor of the household or building.Bullet cameras are great for outdoors because they are usually weatherproof and they have a longer range, which is more necessary when viewing a parking lot or other large area.


Dome cameras win the durability test by a landslide. There are also the ones that are referred to as “vandal proof”.  Vandal proof domes are housed in durable enclosures made to withstand anything from shaking to vandalism, which is something to consider if yours is an application where the camera is easily accessible, such as a low ceiling.
Conversely, bullet cameras can easily be damaged or knocked out of position with a rock or stick.

Overt vs. Covert

Bullet Camera to Discourage Vandalism
If you are looking to discourage theft or vandalism, then a bullet camera might be the appropriate choice. They are a bit more obvious and visible to passers-by. This works in the opposite effect also. Dome cameras are more difficult to spot, so if you’re in need of something more covert in nature then go with a dome.  Not only do they not stick out as much as bullets, but the dome housing will hide where the camera itself is pointing (the field of view), and therefore what you are capturing.


As far as the cost is concerned, bullet and dome cameras are fairly similar.  That said, the bullet cameras can be a little more cost efficient since they come with only the camera itself and the mount, where the domes come with the housing and extra parts.  This is merely a generality, as there are some more expensive domes, as there are bullets that are less expensive.


Dome cameras are more likely to fit with your current décor.  The dome-shape makes them more elegant and less intrusive than bullets.  The overall aesthetics make domes a popular surveillance solution. Dome cameras also have a cleaner, more seamless look.

Now you have all the information on the types of cctv cameras available to you, you need to decide what areas will be monitored. You can design a package around your needs. Mix and match different cameras to give you full coverage of your desired area.

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