Communication Equipment You Need to Consider When Setting up A Business

Setting up a business can be daunting at the best of times. When selecting business equipment to create your business communication infrastructure, you need to firstly take into consideration the type, size and the layout of your business. You must consider where you will be located e.g. one site or multiple sites, if you need an intercom, server rack requirements, home office setup, how you intend to communicate internally and with your clients, do you need to hook up to television systems, alarms or audio visual equipment, and if you need security and video surveillance monitoring or not.

You will also need to plan very carefully about your phone and computer placement to ensure that you get the cabling right as that could impact productivity and ultimately the level of business growth if not planned well. It is important to ensure that you also factor in a capacity for growth and plan this in advance as that can be very costly down the track.

Samsung Communications and Security Solution

At the very least, you will need to plan and cost for the following communication equipment needs:

1. Fibre Optic and Data Cabling

This includes cabling such as Cat5e cabling, Cat6 cabling, Fibre Optic cabling, CCTV, Public Address (PA) systems, telephone cabling and points, voice and data cabling, computer networking, television systems, server racks and patch panels, intercom systems, home office set up, phone points and computer points,  audio visual equipment, and coaxial cabling.

2. Business Telephone System

Despite of the fact that today's businesses have other communications options such as digital communication through email, texting and social media, telephone communication is still an important business component. Hence, choosing the right business telephone system for your business is vital when setting up a new business. Here are some options you can choose from according your business size: 

3. VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP, IP and Digital phone handsets allow users to make calls over IP networks instead of PSTN systems. This will suit many modern businesses as calls become cheaper and help to keep you business telephone system costs down. There are many to choose from and some examples are:

4. Business Telephone Headsets and Conference Phones

To increase mobility and productivity in providing products and services, you may need to invest in some business headsets for your staff. There are many types of headsets that you can use within your business and you need to choose the one that suits your business needs best. Some options are:

In today's technological world, communication is essential - that may be communication with internal staff members, clients, partners, vendors, remote and global staff members, boards and other stakeholders. Therefore, you will need to consider a professional headset and/or conference phone that allows users at both ends to transmit clear voice communications across any workplace or meeting room environment.

5. Security and CCTV Camera Surveillance

Depending on your location and the type of security that is offered at your premises, you may need to consider security and CCTV camera surveillance to monitor your workplace and other offsite locations. If you have stockrooms or outdoor locations such as retail shops,wareshouses or logistics facilities, you may also need to link these with the right surveillance system.

6. Alarm Monitoring

Again, depending on your location you may need to monitor security alarms, video images and other transmitted communications across multiple sites and locations. Every industry has unique risks that they face, hence designing and installing a customised security monitoring system is essential in order to cover virtually every risk area. Alarm Monitoring experts like Samsung Communications Centre can you monitor security alarms, video images and other communications transmitted across a growing number of communications platforms including:

Samsung Communication Centre can be a one stop shop for all of your business communications and security needs. We have professional and qualified team of experts ready to assist you with making one of the most important business decisions you will need to make. Communication is key to an business success and you need to be sure that you choose a trustworthy and reliable partner. Samsung Communications Centre prides itself on 25 years of excellent service within this industry and can provide services across your Cabling, Business Telephone System, VoIP Telephone System, CCTV and Security Surveillance System, Alarm Monitoring and more.

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