CCTV Surveillance Systems Compliance Requirements for Pubs and Clubs in Brisbane

Did you know that there were rules and regulations around the installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems for pubs and clubs around Brisbane?

Unfortunately where there are nightclubs, pubs and clubs, are where there is alcohol being consumed for lengthy periods of time, violence can often follow. In Brisbane, many pubs and clubs experience episodes of violence (from varying degrees) from patrons that have either consumed too much alcohol, been involved in an altercation or misunderstanding or who simply just want to start a fight for no reason at all.

A vital part of ensuring safety of both staff and patrons frequenting pubs and clubs is the appropriate and effective installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems. The Brisbane City Council operates with strict rules and regulations affecting pubs and clubs, and as such, requires all pubs, nightclubs and bars that remain operational after 1 am in the morning, to install and operate fully maintained CCTV camera systems.

Liquor Licenses and Use of CCTV Surveillance Systems

The Brisbane City Council states:

"If you are a liquor licensee that trades after 1am in the Brisbane City Council (BCC) area, specific compliance requirements apply to you under the Liquor Act 1992."

In addition to the statewide 3am lockout and normal licence conditions, you must also:

  • provide sufficient security
  • keep an incident register
  • install closed-circuit television (CCTV) at entrances and exits
  • responsibly promote alcohol and happy hours
  • prevent irresponsible drinking games and competitions.

These additional conditions were introduced in the BCC area in 2006 and aim to curb irresponsible drinking and improve the safety of patrons, hospitality employees and the general public. View the Compliance for liquor licensees in the Brisbane City Council area (post-1am trading) here

CCTV systems are required to be installed by law to ensure that enforced liquor licensing laws are upheld. They also serve as an effective tool for monitoring violent behaviour.

Uses for CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV security footage is captured from strategically placed CCTV security cameras around the venue both inside and out, and is used by operators of licensed venue for many reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • to protect the actions of their staff in the event of a violent incident
  • to protect other patrons
  • as evidence should charges be pressed against the violent behaviour and it subsequently is pursued in a court of law
  • to comply with local laws
  • to reduce the number of incidents of violent behaviour as patrons know that their actions are captures on CCTV footage
  • to reduce theft and vandalism of their premises
  • to reduce the number of fraudulent personal injury insurance claims against vendors
  • to monitor workplace health and safety and provide a suitable "duty of care"
  • to provide accurate identification of person/s
  • to monitor plant and equipment
  • to monitor point of sale systems or cash registers
  • to provide live security camera video viewing for security personnel
  • to provide the ability to view footage through your Smart phone, tablet or iPad over 3G and Wi-Fi for personal or home security monitoring

Maintaining CCTV Surveillance System Equipment at Licensed Premises

Daily CCTV equipment checking and monitoring

You must do the following (prior to opening) on every day that the licensed premises trades:

  • check that your CCTV equipment is working properly before commencing trade
  • record the following details when checking your CCTV equipment:

1) date / time that the CCTV equipment was checked

2) name of the person who checked the equipment

3) whether the equipment was operating effectively

If your CCTV equipment is not operating effectively, or it otherwise malfunctions, you must arrange for it to be repaired within 48 hours.

6 Monthly CCTV Equipment Checking and Monitoring

At least every 6 months your CCTV and surveillance equipment must be checked by an appropriately qualified person to ensure that it is operating effectively and this certificate must be recorded in a register and state that the equipment is in good working order.

An appropriately qualified person is someone who holds a current 'Security Equipment Installer's License'. Samsung Communications Centre's consultants and technicians are licensed experts in the provision of CCTV surveillance systems and security solutions.

Storage of CCTV Footage

You must ensure that your CCTV footage and reporting information is stored in a secure location at the licensed premises. This should include the following:

  • the recorded details of daily and 6 monthly checks conducted are up to date and any malfunctioning equipment noted and fixed
  • the register used to record the CCTV certification, which must be carried out at least every 6 months
  • CCTV footage which is secured in a secure manner and made available for inspection by an investigator

The period of time in which to retain CCTV footage varies from establishment to establishment, and state to state, but should a violent incident or an accident occur of any kind, it would be wise to take a copy of that footage and retain it for a substantial period of time as it may be required for future reference or proof of innocence or guilt (whichever is the case).

Installing and Maintenance of CCTV Systems and CCTV cameras

Samsung Communications Centre has experience in installing quality CCTV surveillance systems across a range of industries and can ensure that your CCTV surveillance system is installed, monitored and maintained professionally.

Samsung leads the way as a CCTV provider providing state of the art quality CCTV surveillance systems and CCTV security cameras throughout Australia. Our range of high definition IP based CCTV systems and CCTV cameras offer features that are second to none. With features such as the ability to simultaneously view a number of different CCTV camera zones or specific points of interest within the CCTV surveillance zone and static view frames at various zoom levels you will not miss out on capturing important and sometimes vital CCTV footage.

Some other features of Samsung's CCTV cameras:

  • include wide dynamic range to provide quality images in high contrast situations
  • simple focus to improve image quality when switching between black and white and colour modes
  • bi-directional audio to allows greater situational awareness
  • facial detection
  • region of interest spotlighting
  • day and night recording
  • water and dust proof for more demanding environments and severe weather conditions to name just a few

We pride ourselves on the abilities of our professional sales and installation teams in the CCTV space and believe in providing only the best and most reliable equipment into venues such as pubs, nightclubs and bars so that you comply with local liquor licensing regulations and can experience peace of mind that you are being protected. View some of our recent CCTV surveillance system customers here.

Samsung Communications Centre can assist you with your CCTV surveillance systems equipment and installation needs and offer specialised and specific CCTV installation services and CCTV alarm monitoring.

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