CCTV in City Centres

CCTV Use Within a City Centre

As CCTV technology improves and crime rates increase, our Government and local councils recognise the extremely valuable role that CCTV can play in keeping out cities safe and secure and also to assist in reducing crime rates and addressing unruly behaviour within our community. Many of us have safety and concerns about crime and are sometimes reluctant to venture in our city centres, especially at night. This is not good for councils or local businesses, so improved CCTV surveillance aims to reduce the rate of crime and encourage more local citizens back onto the streets of the city centres.

By installing a widespread CCTV program within a town centre it gives members of the public an improved reassurance that they can go about their daily business and feel safe and secure. It also assists local businesses in improving their profits as they have more customers feeling that they can visit the city centre and shop and it gives the entire community a reassurance of security. If you are a person who tends to get involved in crime or anti-social behaviour on a regular basis then the chances that you will be caught on CCTV security cameras and be prosecuted is very high which might make you think twice before you act.
samsung cctv use within a city centre
CCTV in a city centre is designed to assist in prevention and detection of crime by offering the following benefits:
  • it captures CCTV footage which can be used as evidence as required for the police and enforcement agencies
  • it can assist in maintaining public order
  • it aids in the prevention of criminal activity, anti-social behaviour and nuisance
  • it provide reassurance to the general public to allow them to feel safe and secure
  • it promote economic benefits because the more people visiting the city centre the more that local businesses may benefit
  • it promotes tourism and visiting of local landmarks or sites
The CCTV cameras are programmed to capture footage and store images around the clock 24/7 and are regularly maintained and monitored. If criminal activity is captured on CCTV cameras, the security monitoring companies can alert police and direct them immediately to the location of the incident for a quick response.
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