CCTV and Security Cameras Can Be Used To Determine If Theft Is Occurring Within Your Business

Install a CCTV Camera for Internal Business Monitoring

CCTV cameras for CCTV surveillance systems in your business

Are you worried about white collar crime? Or do you suspect that something is just not right in your business? Theft from internal employees is on the rise and businesses are suffering significant losses as a result.

Samsung Communications Centre would like to assist you in determining if theft is happening internally within your business and provide some tips to assist in the prevention of white collar crime within your business. 

 CCTV Can Be Used for Financial Management

Financial Management is one area that some business owners can tend to be a bit relaxed about. They employ an accounts manager or an operations manager to look after their finances and don't keep a close eye on exactly what is happening with the financial management of the business. Often it is too late by the time you realise that there is a problem and frequently internal business crime is committed by employee’s with access to company funds. So it is best to be on top of this from that start and don't just glance at your business financials and assume everything is alright. Always take the time to do a thorough review of the financials and your supplier payments, so that you can be sure that you can account for expenditure leaving your business.

Providing an extra layer or approval and separating financial duties is critical to minimise the possibility of theft. CCTV cameras installed within the workplace can prevent, or at the very least, deter employees from taking those extra risks and skimming off the top. If they believe that they are under review then they are less likely to take chances such as these.

CCTV For Cash and Inventory Control

If you deal in cash, have a retail front, or have stock coming and going from a warehouse, then it is important to ensure that you monitor these areas well and install CCTV cameras within your business. You should alse ensure that you record footage and store this on a good quality DVR Recorder to ensure that you can go back and review footage if you are suspicious of anything or if an incident arises.

CCTV for Theft Prevention

The key to avoiding any theft in a business is to prevent it in the first place. The placement of a CCTV security system in a workplace can be enough to stop or deter theft from occurring. It may be necessary for some businesses to take this step and consider a CCTV surveillance system in strategically placed areas of the business to ensure that their business remains secure.

When installing CCTV cameras, it is important to explain to your employees that you are installing surveillance equipment so that they know that they are there and are aware of them. It is also important to explain to them that they serve multiple purposes. Remember that CCTV cameras and CCTV surveillance systems can also be used for the employee's protection as well.

If you you need a reliable CCTV Surveillance System for your business or would like further information about what security system is best for your business, contact Samsung Communications Centre today.