Be Smart this Summer, with a Samsung Smart Air Conditioner

With temperatures already soaring in parts of the country now is the time to invest in Samsung Smart Series air conditioner

Not only does it allow you to stay cool in the hot Australian sun, the Samsung Smart Series can be controlled from anywhere using your Smartphone or Tablet. The free Samsung app puts you in control of the fully Wi-Fi enabled air conditioner.
In the home or at the office you can use your smartphone device to control your air conditioner. It may be that you are having a meeting and need to adjust the temperature of the boardroom, or you’re simply relaxing in doors on the weekend and seeking a cool escape from the heat.
Using a 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi connection you can control your Samsung Smart Air Conditioner from outside your office or home. You may be returning from a trip to the beach and want to cool your home, or arriving to work in the morning.  
 Samsung smart air conditioner application
No matter where you are, you can be sure the temperature will be perfect with the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner app:
  • Advanced On/Off timer settings
  • Program what time you want the Air Conditioning unit to turn On/Off
  • Set day(s) of the week when the Air Conditioning unit turns On/Off
  • Pop-up reminders to clean the Air Conditioning unit filter 
  • Turn your Air Conditioning unit On/Off
  • Check and adjust the temperature of the room