Addressing the Challenges of Modern Retail Businesses Through CCTV and Security Camera Systems

CCTV and Security Systems for use in the Retail Sector

Retailing in today’s modern world can be tough and as such retailers face a number of challenges to try to make a profit and a good living. One of the biggest obstacles to retail success is theft and shoplifting and this eats massively into the profitability of a store.

Theft can be significantly reduced though through the effective use of CCTV systems using a network security camera solution such as IP security cameras teamed with a reliable NVR Recorder and alarm monitoring. By reducing the level of theft in a retail location it helps to keep prices down and creates a safer environment for staff and customers: 

CCTV technology can be used for more than just security in the retail industry as it is versatile and can contribute positively to the productivity of a retail outlet through other means. For example, CCTV systems can assist a retailer to:

  • Manage queues and allow a retailed to put more counter staff on if it starts to get busy
  • Count the number of people entering their store on certain days and times of the day to better manage their resourcing requirements
  • Drive customer loyalty and a better customer experience 
  • Increase return visitor through a positive customer experience
  • Monitor staff to ensure that internal theft is not occurring
  • Monitor flow control and where bottlenecks may occur in a store
  • Monitor how a customer navigates the store to improve on store layout and allow a retailer to position more profitable items in higher traffic areas -  use of heat mapping and dwell time applications can assist this as well
  • Monitor street traffic to identify what catches the eye of a customer as they are navigating the outside of their store allowing for more effective window displays
  • CCTV surveillance systems can be connected to access control systems, or used for general surveillance of the building’s exterior and parking lot.
  • Vehicle license plate recognition is possible due to the superior quality of images being generated with modern CCTV equipment.

CCTV surveillance systems and security camera solutions have become practical and affordable to allow better operations, improved merchandising and better store layout and improved information to drive marketing for store sales and customer experience. All of these cross functional applications make retail stores safer for visitors and more profitable for the owners.

Whether it is a large or a small retail store, CCTV surveillance can add value to a business and help to address both common and special retail requirements.

CCTV systens and security cameras for the retails industry

Samsung Communications Centre and its advanced CCTV systems and security cameras are able to offer effective solutions for large or small retailers and retail chains, so contact us today.

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